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January 25, 1997 - Gasparilla Distance Classic 15K in Tampa, FL

Gasparallla start - (left to right) Dan Theele (non-DRS, from Gainesville), with Farol Tomson & Dan Klingman.
Pretty in Pink - Three guys trying to look inconspicuous at the ladies' start :-)
Gasparilla start - (left to right) Farol Tomson, Donna McCraw, and Dan Klingman.
GDC 20th anniversary cake - Sure was yummy!
Post-race group shot - Ray Eydmann (seated), (left to right) Dan Klingman, Kim Kazimour, Farol Tomson, & Donna McCraw.
Hanging out with Bill Rodgers - Donna McCraw & Ray Eydmann with Bill Rodgers (center), at the Gasparilla Expo.

February 2, 1997 - Team Roadkill at the Race Around the World Marathon in Tampa, FL

In the pre-dawn darkness - (left to right) Dan Klingman, Ray Eydmann, Donna McCraw, Farol Tomson, and Beverly Ousley.
Dan Klingman nears the finish
Post-race relaxing - (left to right) Dave (Bev's SO), Farol Tomson, Dan Klingman, and Bev Ousley.
Another post-race pic - (left to right) Donna McCraw, Farol Tomson, Dan Klingman, and Bev Ousley.
Farol Tomson - Showing off his low race number ;-)

April 5, 1997 - St. Timothy Mardi Gras 5K in Tampa, FL

Lisa Foronda & Paul Lamison
Lisa & Paul looking strong at the finish
Showing off Lisa's hardware!

October 1997 - First of America 10-Mile in Tampa, FL

Before the race - Charlie Cangliosi, David and Marjie Adames, Ray Eydmann, Dan Klingman.
Dave and Marjie in action
Relaxing after the race

1997 Reindeer Run 5K in Ocala, FL

Spots and Santas - Ray Eydmann, Donna McCraw, Farol Tomson, and Dan Klingman.
Santa Dan checks his watch

August 29, 1998 - Summer Beaches Run in Jacksonville, FL

Jakson and Sue - Jakson Badenhoop and Sue Branley relax after the 5-mile race.



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