Brendan Pieters

Brendan Pieters has been running since Middle School track and was part of the Running Craze that swept America and the world in the late Seventies. He has a PR of (oh, never mind) - he's a middle-of-the-pack runner and triathlete. (A really good swimmer, though - beach lifeguard and surfer in Daytona Beach in the Sixties.) As you gather from the paragraph above, Brendan is old, old, old. Disguised as a middle-aged person, he has attended DRSWC's in Tucson, Tacoma, and St. Louis. (And noted that for four years in a row, the World Conference was in a city beginning with "T": Tucson, Toronto, Turin, Tacoma. He feared that a Florida conference would therefore have to be help in such hell-holes as Tallahassee or Tampa.) But - yay! - it will be held in Gainesville. Brendan almost ran a marathon once (2003, Jacksonville Marathon); he has completed four or so halfathons but will concentrate on races 10k or below from now on - and sprint triathlons. He is Professor of English, Honors Program, at the Santa Fe College.

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